18 August 2010


It all started when I noticed two persons looking and pointing at the sky. So, naturally, I looked too. I saw a mysterious flying object. It looked like a shiny, grey...round object. It was flying too low to be a plane, and it was not a bird either. More and more people started looking at the sky asking themselves "What the hell is that?!", but I just said "It's a balloon...".
My friends and I waited until it flew over us too see it better. Finally, the "UFO" was...

...a plane.

17 August 2010

No ideas

My mind always goes blank when I have to give a title to something.
I thought my blog looks boring with only photographs so I decided to write about something interesting that happened that day too. Or just about something.

After it got dark, we saw a few tourists taking pictures around. I wanted to photobomb them, but it's not fun when I'm the only one so I didn't do it. After that, my friend and I had a deep converstion about the weather just like ye olde English chaps.

16 August 2010

Hot day

It's been so hot outside lately.
While waiting at the stop with my friends some random guys in a fancy car waved at us, but we ignored them. When the light went green for the cars one of them showed us he had a big popcorn bucket, so my crazy friend* went all "I WANT SOME!".
After a few minutes we see them again. They stopped, got out of the car and gave us popcorn. Then he left, we left, they left, I went home. My friends haven't called me so I guess they weren't kidnapped, yep.

*see comments

6 August 2010

Long time no post!