30 December 2009

LAST DAY OF 2009 !

Sorry I haven't updated but I didn't find anything interesting to photograph plus my batteries are dead! The past two days were sunny which is greaat.
Photo from Summer 2009, one of the best! :D
WOW, it's almost 2010. I WANT 2009 BACK IT LOOKS NICE A-AND :( I'LL MISS IT LOTS.

25 December 2009

ho ho ho!

Merry Christmas! Today was okay, I especially loved my presents! <3
I also have a bag full of chocolate, WOW! It enough there for a year! GET IT? GET IT?

24 December 2009

merry christmas!

Sorry for not updating the last two days but the first day I forgot and yesterday I didn't have a good picture, LOL. So anyway, Santa will come tonight and I can't wait! :DD
Hope you get what you wanted! Merry Christmas!

21 December 2009

lions are hard to draw

PRETTY LIGHTS AGAIN~ I spent all day trying to draw something decent but failed (lol APH again) AHHH I don't like my drawing style, sob. Anyway, another boring day today.

20 December 2009


I stayed home today and it was boring :(. Tomorrow I'll try to find presents for my friends, LOL. I still don't know what to buy for them and it's getting crowded in the stores HAHAHA OTL;;;

19 December 2009


It's so cold outside! I can't take new photographs because it's too cold to bring my camera outside so this photograph is from two days ago. I think I miss summer, haha.

18 December 2009

cinema: 2012

So we watched 2012 today and I want to say it was so awesome! I loved the effects! My expression? "D8"

17 December 2009

caution: slippery floor

Do you know what day is today? It's International "talk with a fake British accent" Day!
Also, I slipped a lot on ice today. It wasn't fun.

16 December 2009

let it snow!

It snowed again today but it stopped. My friends and I found a snowman outside, haha!

15 December 2009

white christmas~

Today was awesome! It snowed all night and day and I think it's still snowing. Now this is a real winter!

14 December 2009

winter break!

Hello! This is TheFlyingCat (TFC) from dA.
I'll try to update each day with a photo if I have enough time or if I'm not lazy (haha) so please try to check it everyday! Thank you! :)